The VUNROTC Mission:

1. Support Vanderbilt NROTC with donations, time and other resources.

2. Help recruit and mentor midshipmen for and at the Vanderbilt NROTC Unit.

3. Connect Vanderbilt NROTC alumni to the Unit, one another, and the University.

4. Encourage Vanderbilt to educate its fair share of military officers.

Board Of Directors:

Chairman, VADM (ret) Kendall Card ('77)
Vice-Chair, VADM (ret) William French ('79)
Vice-Chair, RADM (ret) Michael Jabaley
President, Frank Walter ('78)
Vice-President, CAPT (ret) George Busse ('77)
Secretary, CAPT (ret) Andy Johnson ('80)
Treasurer, Randy Lee ('87)
Ex-Officio, CAPT Brian Erickson, CO VUNROTC
Member, RADM (ret) Jerry Breast ('58)
Member, VADM (ret) Nora Tyson ('79)
Member, Marty Heflin ('80)
Member, Alan Hale ('80)
Member, Larry Behm ('79)
Member, Frank Caprio ('79)
Member, Al DeNunzio ('87)
Member, Keener Gill ('92)
Member, Bill Hawkins ('82)
Member, Marc Zinner ('91)

Advisory Directors:

Lt. General (ret) Frank Libutti
RADM (ret) Riley Mixson ('58)
VADM (ret) John Mazach ('66)
RDML (ret) Issac Richardson ('71)
MG (ret) Don Gardner ('73 & '76)
RADM (ret) John Stewart ('75)

Helicopters play an important

role in today's Navy.