Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Who are the members of the VU NROTC Alumni Association?

Past Vanderbilt midshipmen are the primary source of members to the organization. However, former staff, parents and grandparents of current unit members, widows/widowers, spouses of current or past midshipmen, and varied generous persons who wish to support VUNROTC programs can be members.

2. If I donate to the VU NROTC Alumni Association, how will those funds be used?

100% of the donations given to the Vanderbilt NROTC Alumni Association are allocated to education and activities of the midshipmen at the Unit. These funds are NOT part of Vanderbilt's endowment, and are solely directed by the board and the active-duty leadership at the Unit.

Vanderbilt has graciously allowed the Association to use its online and regular mail donation facilities to collect our funds, which saves the Association those costs. We are grateful for this strong relationship.

Board members and officers are 100% volunteers.

3. If I know of a great high school student who is interested in Vanderbilt NROTC, what can I do?

We have several items that can assist you in assisting the student. Please use the material and then by all means reach out to the CO.

a. A VU NROTC created one page summary of NROTC. 
Click Here: One Page Summary

. The Naval Institute has a 2020 great overall summary. 
Click Here: Naval Inst. NROTC Review

. Please contact the Commanding Officer at Vanderbilt's NROTC Unit.  Currently: CAPT Brian Erickson.
His office number is below.