Anchor Project and Gallery (Below Narrative)

The Anchor Project is "underway"!  The anchors from LPD-13, the USS Nashville, have been acquired and are being held by the salvage yard at no cost, while Vanderbilt and the Board get the sites prepared for their delivery.  We will update the progress from the salvage yard, to site construction, to placement at the stadium and the unit RIGHT HERE.  So check back often.

Vanderbilt has provided us with the intial renderings of the placement at the unit. As you can see, the anchor will tower over the front lawn to the NROTC unit. This will become "the" location for pictures of graduates, alumni, and VU students.

You can still participate in the "once in a lifetime" opportunity to become involved by donating to the specific ANCHOR PROJECT fund.  All those who give $1000 or more will be recognized on the commemorative plaque for the unit's anchor

                                    CLICK THIS LINK TO DONATE